Picture of me at ESA ESRIN facilities

Hi there! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Javi, a software engineer from Spain

I have been working as a software engineer for 8 years. If you ask me why I decided to take this path, the answer is simple: because I wanted to create useful things for people. Knowing that someone is using the product that you helped to develop is an amazing experience. And having in your hands thousands of šŸ§° tools to create web applications, games, mobile apps, embedded software, etc. opens a full and unlimited creative path.

My professional experience

Since I finished my Software Engineering university degree I started working in Seville (Spain) at Ayesa AT on a ā˜• Java project for the Peruvian General Council of the Judiciary.

I moved after that to šŸ‡·šŸ‡ŗ Russia for two years and worked as a freelance šŸ Python developer at Semilines Inc. while I was studying Russian Language and a Master Degree at ITMO University. The main programming language that I knew by then was Java, but this opportunity helped me to improve much more my Python skills and I allowed me to get involved into the creation of a šŸ’« startup product.

When I came back to Spain by the end of 2018, I started working at GMV. I decided to work for this company because they offered me an exciting opportunity to develop software in the šŸš€ space industry. Nowadays Iā€™m still working at GMV as a Technical Leader, being involved during the last years in several projects dedicated to Earth Observation, satellites, and Mission Planning.