⚠ Fixing things - Static lightning not working in Unreal Engine 5

Mar 02, 23

Are you working with UE5, baking lightning and struggling because the static lights are not working at all? Well, then if you are looking for a solution, this is your post.

Screenshot of a scene in UE5 showing static lights without any light at all

This problem is related to the default illumination project setting in Unreal Engine 5, which is set to Lumen. I’m not going to give an opinion about Lumen and its benefits and cons, but if you want to solve this problem and keep using baked static lights then follow these steps 😉

Go to Edit > Project Settings

Screenshot of the project settings menu in UE5

In Project Settings search for lumen and select “None” in the option Dynamic Global Illumination Method.

Screenshot of the Dynamic Global Illumination Method setting in UE5

After setting this option, if you have already baked your lightning, you will see how it automatically appears and the scene will be full of light! If you didn’t bake it yet, now it’s the time to do it and check the results.

Screenshot of a scene in UE5 showing static lights